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  1. Thanks for watching! Are there games that missing from this list that you felt should've been here? Comment them below! I may do another one of these videos if we get enough replies!

  2. Sky Force Anniversary, Minecraft, Darkest Dungeon, Odin Sphere, Final Fantasy X HD, Muramasa, Day of the Tentacle, Pinball Arcade and Shiren the Wanderer, not to mention PSP- and PSone-games like Final Fantasy VII and Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. At least you mentioned Dragon's Crown.

  3. i have looked at 30 diffrent vita games list today and all of you have persona as one of the best games and i have to disagree i know alot of people who didnt like it (or the persona series as a whole due to it being hard to get into

  4. This video is so bad, the title of the games are not shown in the video so I can skip through the video and look for the names, and there is no list in the discription

  5. Take a shot everytime he says Vita (or don't if you want to be conscious by the end of it)

    This was an informative video for someone like me who just bought a Vita (I have a soft spot for misunderstood dying consoles) but man, we know what the system is, you don't have to say "Vita" during every game overview. It just started getting comical.

  6. All the "I hate Weeb games, they're trash" gave me cancer. The PS Vita is only sold decently In Japan, what do ye expect? Not to mention those games at least look good

  7. How the fuck do u have a top 20 list with assassins creed liberation on it but no salt and sanctuary? Or arkham origins? Or guacamelee? Wtf? Did u just copy n paste from other lists? Plus…This is a 2017 list right? But mostly launch titles? God u suck at this

  8. I was interested in your list, but i didn't know that you were a 12 year old American girl or a 40 year old Japanese man….i made it about 5 games into your choices before realizing that you must be one of those two and my taste in games is very different…..i like good games, you like Japanese games where the story is about the mystical and infinite power of rabbit hats that smell like celery. Seriously though….Japanese games are fucking insane and you have to be a bit touched in the head or on fucking acid to enjoy them. I love my Vita….but hate that the majority of games for it are unplayable Japanese gibberish.

  9. Ugh, misleading video title. I assumed these were the top games of 2017. I haven't bought any games for my vita recently so i was looking for some good new releases. I already have all these.

  10. I'm sorry but these titles aren't things most people care, too much anime shit. I love ps way more than Nintendo but their N3DS is a better portable.

    Switch is a joke though

  11. DU MA i hardly don't play game on my vita that mostly on my ps4 the only thing i do most on my ps vita is download free movies tv show and porn so i can watch it on the go

  12. the 1 thing i didn't know about my vita is that u can download free porn and watch it on the go…….i remember watching porn at the library i turn my jbl pulse speaker all the way up and let everybody who was in the library hear that moanin n shit that shit was so fuckin funny as hell that ugly ass librarian bitch kick me out of the library and told me if i come back to the library and watch my porn again her bitch ass is gonna call the police on me and i told her ugly ass go ahead and call the police on me i dont give a FUCK……LOL

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