Top 20 Rpg Video Games PC, PS3,PS4,Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii U. Top 20: (00:00) Mount & Blade: Warband Platform: PC. Top 19: (01:03) Torchlight II …


  1. You chose the WRONG game to represent the gothic series.I at the very least hope that you used footage from gothic 3 and no gothic 3 forsaken gods because,man,THAT GAME WAS AN ABORTION OF A GAME.

  2. Dude dont be mad but u r a kid just heard about Baldurs gate . Maybe you even didnt play that game =D But if u were a real RPG "lover" or old school or somethink like this – then u would chooce Arcanum for the first place . You even didnt add Dragons Dogma . Dont be mad but its true .

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