Check out my Latest Top 20 Survival Horror Games List These are my Top 20 Survival horror pc games.


  1. in my opinion outlast deserves the first place. i remember playing this game for the first time when the lights go out im all like…here we go…its just freaking horryfing

  2. The deadspace, is Hungarian subtitled 😀
    This games are not, horror games. i played out all. And tthe Amnesia was not scari , i don't know why scaring peoples from ther little game :"D

  3. guys there was a game, a horror game ofc wich the main character had a vision wich you could see through a portrait its true image. i still remember a portrait with a beatiful woman having 2 dogs. and after i used the vision the woman was screaming and the 2 dogs were so ugly with huge teeth and stuff like that. if anybody can help me i whould appreciate it thanks

  4. This is just boring games. Maybe if you record better horror games you will maybe get subscribers. Good luck man. But remember, this is just boring games. Find some fun horror games. Maybe peaople will like them and subscribe and like or just like or subscribe, but check out some 2015 games now and maybe 2014 and 2013. Hmmmm, i like Five nights at freddys really much, and there is 3 Five nights at freddys games right now, and Five nights at freddys 4 is coming out soon 🙂 Go check out some new horror games man. And maybe you can go check out Five nights at freddys to 😀 But good luck man. Im gonna subscribe and like to you 😀 Bye man.

  5. Sorry but Left 4 dead is far from survival horror but  like a shooter with zombies geared toward online mp.  1 thing it lacked or too much of was ammo and guns as there was abundance And. I was 80% – full capacity whole game. Also the ambiance was weak, like the soundtrack for one and  it lacked effects like fog . Nor does it use darkness and/or use flashlights to create suspense. And it didnt have any puzzles either.

  6. Im happy to know that the pc has shit horror games that are first person shooters with jumpscares . OMG give me something like resident evil 4 & silent hill 3 I dont whant to play shitty games anymore .

  7. Shit list sorry, Outlast, Dead Space and Slender so high? Are you kidding me? Resident Evil 4 scary? Where is Condemned? Silent Hill 2? You don't know what real horror game is.

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