Updated Video – 9 Best MMO Games On PS4: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p-i9vyXK8uI The Playstation 4 is breaking out with unique MMOs that connect …


  1. had to take a break from final fantasy 14. wish it had. bit more too it than what it is. it's just everyone getting high level armor and weapons and doing the same fights over and over again.

  2. Seems like nowadays, everything is called an mmo. As long as it has some online feature. To me an MMO has a persistent world. Room based games are just another online multiplayer game.

  3. how the hell could you give DCUO an 80 yet give a realm reborn 90 Final Fantasy is utter hippopotamus shit DCUO is one of the best mmorpgs it makes no sence

  4. You really can't make a "top 5 mmo on ps4" without putting ESO on top.
    The game might have had its flaws two years ago, but the console version really kicks ass!

    Great game, whether you like the genre or not.

  5. I'll tell ya right now that Eso is not a bad purchase. You dont even need to pay monthly, just have ps+. Compared to FFXIV a Realm Reborn, its on equal terms. Tho I think that FF has better graphics, better framerate ect Eso has a lot of elements that FF doesnt have and vice-versa. If you're a FF A Realm Reborn fan then you'll love Eso.

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