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  1. I played PSO2. Sorry but I don't share your enthusiasm with it. Combat's not full-fledged manual targeting. You have the option to switch, sure, but why have both combat systems when one is spoonfeeding over the other? And that's mainly what turned me off. Plus not being open-world.

  2. Problem with Tera is, i dunno last time i played it, some zones feel so empty. Specially low level ones or around 40-50 where i am (forgot where i left lol), dungeons queue also took hours in some cases. Also it is so complicated to learn, like so many things, the crafting, tiers this and that. The game is good overall tho, style, actions is all good.

  3. I agree with you with your #1, PSO2 is also #1 on my list. It's just so much fun! I am on Ship 02 if you ever want to join up sometimes, name is "Ritsuka Seriyko".

  4. Dunno why, but I found Tera to be easy when playing regardless of class. Although if I did go back I would play Reaper of only because of how effective they are at cleaning up groups if trash mobs.

  5. I would honestly give GW2 number 1 WITHOUT THE ACTION CAMERA, even over PSO2 and i've played both of them for a very long time. I can see what criteria you're using though, and yes, it's your list – however GW2 is considered a "hybrid" system, as in you can play without needing to tab target. GW2 is VERY VERY complex to get fully into as a combat system. PSO2 being number 1 however is a good choice, Tera as number 2 is very meh to me, it's not super complex – it's just aim, walk backwards and spam buttons. I rate combat on complexity – such as mobility required, combos, animation canceling, positioning importance, ability variety – etc etc. GW2 beats PSO2 in all of those.

  6. I couldn't get used to the Skyforge combat system. Wildstar suffers from a generous amount of bad luck. Great point on the Wildstar combat, it does disjointed. I felt something odd about it, but I couldn't figure it out. That clip from Tera got me very curious. Is the Tera f2p version fair?

  7. GW2 is best game in my opinion. But I have to admit it not full action rpg and not the best free to play experiance (but there is no sub or p2w (or maybe HoT))

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