The Top 5 Free Games from looks through some great titles released in August of 2018. What will be your next time-water? Which new game will you …


  1. Well I Downloaded Every Game On The List I Guess You Really Done A Good Job Making This List Im Sooo Going To Continue Watching Your Channel When Im Bored

  2. Thank you for featuring Resurgent on Indieformer. I had a spike in downloads yesterday when you released this video and I couldn't work out why until someone mentioned this channel. It's great to see videos like these, since it can be a bit tiring sorting through the 120k games on itch. Hoping to see more.

  3. Hey Indieformer,

    I have to agree with you, I think is an awesome website and has a fantastic range of games ranging from the obscure to some of the more graphically well produced products. I've played 3 out of the five games in the video and will have a look at the other 2 but thanks for a great top 5. BTW I couldn't actually decided which was best 1 or 2. They are both amazing.

    Cheers dude

  4. I love that you're focusing on the platform! Every time I'm on there, I'm always overwhelmed by the sheer amount of high-quality content available for free/dirt cheap. I have a to-play list on there which just got a whole lot longer!
    Obligatory self-plug!!
    There are 2 trailers for a couple of projects I've heavily been involved with on my channel, both of which are playable for free on If anyone fancies a simple but highly challenging rogue-lite, Take Your Pills should be up your alley.
    Alright, self-plug over ; )

  5. I know there's a link to the music creator's soundcloud, but is there a chance that there's a complete version of the song anywhere, or is it on the soundcloud and I just can't find it? Also awesome video, as always. I'm actually so glad this is back.

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