Plumbers and sports games. This is not the most likely combination, but in the mean time there are a dozen of video games in which Mario could possibly lose a …


  1. Just finished playing Mario Superstar Baseball.  Fun game but good grief on the highest difficulty the comeback AI batting is ridiculous.  You got these bums hitting homeruns off of non-charged batter hits.  I'll never forget when they let Waluigi do that.  

    For those uninitiated.  Waluigi cannot come close to a homer with a charged bat, let alone with a non charged one.  And he didn't have any stars for a 5-star homer either.

  2. Half of the show was just calling Mario fat and throwing in puns on how he could loose some pounds. That is what the problem is with today's society. Mario is a fun fat little dude. He's not going to have six packs. Deal with it.

  3. Sorry to burst ur bubble there zoomin but mario kart would be considered a sport granted that might not be the case for the rest of the world but here in the US it is

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