No matter if you like open worlds, action packed sports, or stealthy tactical espionage this was a banner year for PC gaming. Find out what we think are the 5 …


  1. My Top 5 (Platinum Open World)

    5. Saints Row 3 – Comedy Open World
    4. Stardew Valley – Farming Fantasy
    3. Pillars of Eternity – Arcade RPG
    2. Skyrim – Action RPG
    1. Fallout 3 – Dark Action RPG

  2. Only one PC exclusive game??? Really Gamespot?? I expected more, lists like these should show off what a pc and only a pc has to offer, otherwise just make a list called "top 5 third party games" for fucks sake. Rant is over.

  3. I've seen over a 100 videos to see which games I should get for my pc,xbox'ps4.. and every video says the same thing. same games. different platforms…

  4. I love Fallout 4, but over Undertale? Fallout 4, while great, felt like a big downgrade compared to 3 and NV. Despite some of the fandom, Undertale is one of/the best indie game ever! Fallout 4 doesn't have a fantastic story, unique gameplay, lovable characters, God-like soundtrack, etc.

  5. To be honest I mainly played Pillars of eternity 117 hours, Ark survival evolved 720ish hours, and fallout 4 for 100-200 hours I think . Anything else for PC was old because I didn't want to waste my time with anything else. I played a small amount of Starcraft 2 campaign which I will have to get back to. I agree with other people in the comments, Pillars of Eternity in my book was the best PC exclusive that I played this year hands down. I'd put ARk ahead of it, but it's coming to consoles and its in early access. PC gaming is alive and well , I'ts my primary gaming platform with my secondary one being my Wii U. To be honest I don't have any desire to buy a ps4 or xbox one.

  6. the lack of undertale is actually worrying. anyone whos played it knows why. you dont have to like it to recognize the connections to earthbound and on top of that the heart and soul gone into. what it can represent for the future of gaming fills me with DETERMINATION

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  8. Excellent list. Glad you didn't rank them, as that would've stirred up too much controversy. I would've personally replaced Rocket League with Pillars of Eternity. Rocket League is fantastic, but the novelty factor wears off after 10-15 hours of gameplay. Pillars of Eternity, on the other hand, is a beautifully crafted love letter to PC gaming.

  9. Why the fuck did you make 3 videos talking about the same video games… is so stupid… so many games and you talk about rocket league??? wtf! Pillars of eternity at least!!

  10. I agree with witcher 3 but the rest?? come on.. there are so many beautful games like pillars of eternity. starcraft 2. there are games like war for the overworld which brings back the great dungeon keeper feeling… but rocket league? fallout 4? it's like choosing battlefield or call of duty -.-

  11. As expected, typical major website listing "well known game by major publisher".
    I'm sure if the steam community was asked the answers would be unanimously different.

  12. rocket league???? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?? a game that requires a controller to play (the controls with mk are shit  ) is not a pc  game of the year contender.

  13. Rocket league isn't bad, but you're biased because you're a soccer fan. Considering the vast majority of people don't care about soccer (i should rephrase, the vast majority of people who MATTER, don't care about soccer), i feel other games should be here instead)

  14. Such a random list. They should just start the video out with mentions of games that are good or fun but on multiple consoles then list off games that are either exclusive or timed exclusive. This list was pretty much a hybrid of ps4 and xbox one with the one unique addition at the end.

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