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  1. bom video, mas devo dizer que achei esse top meio esquisito… pra mim os único que se salva é persona e phantasy, agora o resto… mas vou dar like xD

  2. O phantasy star tudo bem mas cade o crisis core final fantasy vii monster hunter freedoom unite final fantasy type 0 o jogos parecem que são de snes com esses graficos toscos e podres como seu canal fdp!!!!!

  3. wow.. you shoot yourself to release your persona? that is just messed up, they couldn't think of anything better? no wonder P4 had overshadowed it so hard

  4. Yūsha 30 looks very much like Tales of Phantasia. I don't know if that speaks for or against it. I wonder which of the two is better though. (I'd go with Tales of Phantasia at the first glance…) The idea with the timer is kinda fresh, but otherwise the game doesn't look particularly special. Also, water sprites apparently ripped from Pokemon.

    Phantasy Star Portable 2 looks great, tbh.

    Lunar: Harmony of Silver Star looks cool, for a turn-based RPG. I don't play these very much, but this one looks worth a shot.

    Valkyrie Profile Lenneth looks, um… interesting? Actually, I kinda think the cutscenes are much more awesome than the actual gameplay.

    Persona 3 Portable: Wat.

    I think Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII should've been in the list. :3

  5. so on PSP Persona 3 version the protagonist is a female or do you have to pick either male or female?
    cause i am pretty sure on PS2 Persona 3 the protagonist is a male!?
    sorry… don't care on the prologue i just hit the start and skip all….(my bad)
    and i don't remember the game either, that's why i want to download this and play it again!
    thanks for the video.

  6. Ótima qualidade meu rapaz, parabéns, não liga para as críticas desses gringos não, andei lendo aqui os comentários, eles são chatos tbm, tem uns gringos FDP igual aos BRs, uahsuhasu. LIKE pra você amigo.

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