This is my personal Top 75 games of all time, along with some Honorable Mentions – all in a 60 Frames Per Second, 1080p Video Format! Some controversial …


  1. I loved Metroid Fusion as much as Super Metroid. There was metroid fusion 2 too right? awesome games.

    It was when Nintendo decided to go 3D on the DS for metroid that I lost interest, until the wii version, which was awesome too.

    Zelda Minish Cap, awesome game too.

  2. You'd best have Mother 3 on here, even if it does violate the rules of no homebrews or Japanese because the original carts are Japanese with no English translation without a fan mod.

  3. can anyone help me find this gba game?

    I remember it had mode 7 in the background and you had to use the bumpers to turn left and right. The genre was action rpg.

    HELP ME!

  4. dude, you are on crack. zero mission was way better than fusion, and super metroid is the greatest game of all time. enjoyed the list other than that, and nothing from the legacy of goku trilogy? 2 and buu's fury are amazing to this day

  5. I think its relative importance to the system it came out on may equal or exceed super Metroids but I doubt it is a better game. all action stuff takes a hit when it goes to handheld. Mario, contra, megaman, anything racing.. I mean they are fun on the go but they cant really hold up to the console releases. just the graphic limitations due to space alone are enough to make that call

  6. well, I'm a bit late, but if you still want an opinion on the metroid games and whether or not fusion is better than super metroid, I'd have to say that I liked super metroid better and I could be partial to it because it was my first metroid game, but I felt it had a darker theme to it that I feel better fits the metroid series whereas the fusion seemed to hold your hand a bit and the graphics seemed cartoon-ish compared to super metroid. just my thought on the game though, if fusion is your favorite I won't burn you at the stake for having that opinion.

    Great video btw!

  7. I love the Game Boy Advance! I just uploaded a video of my 3D test of Ocarina of Time on the GBA! Check it out if you have a second.

  8. I don't know how I missed out on the GBA back in the day. It was the perfect little retro machine and it had new, unique titles too. I could've built up quite a collection of classic games, I was working and single then 🙂

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