This is my countdown of the top 8 must play open world games releasing for the PS4 in 2016. Let me know your thoughts on my top 8 must play upcoming ps4 …


  1. Horizon looks like it's going to combine some of my favourite story and game tropes into one awesome package. I know what game to keep an eye out for this year.

  2. the one thing that turns me off about FF15 is that theres no weapons or armor displayed on screen. I know the main dude has magic weapons but the other guy has a giant sword that isnt shown until battle and no kind of armor that shows. things like that bother me, guess im ocd

  3. Only problem with all these games on PS4 is that they're hefty with the Gigabytes. I mean I just got my PS4 two weeks ago and got myself 5-6 games and already I'm down to my last 100GB I can see myself constantly going backwards and forth deleting.

  4. I think I'll just download the music from final fantasy onto my ipod and go for a jog. It looks like that will be a pretty similar experience to playing the actual game. And at least that way i'll get some exercise.

  5. I'm kinda disappointed with those consoles graphics, they look like 2010 pc games.
    Seriously, they take like 7 to 12 years to release a new console, and they make overpriced crap. I'm only buying these things because of the franchises, like Final Fantasy XV, other wise I'd just go with PC.

  6. So many games coming damn these games are gonna eat up my ps4 data guess I gotta pick one by one I'm still on just cause 3 story was good could have been btter in cut scenes but that's me and the game lets just it's perfect and the chaos its get me hard , AI was okay but overall 8 out of 10 , maybe there would be a 4 in the future who knows but more just cause !!!!! Arghhhh

  7. by the music i knew it was a tom clancy game…i remember back in the day the first rainbow six for pc had a loading screen soundrack and one sounded something like this

  8. Does anyone else think Final Fantasy XV looks a little campy? 4 dudes running around in fields or sitting in cars all cool like they're in Rebecca Blacks Friday video

  9. Final fantasy looks like shit. Looks like shit. I mean gameplay over graphics all day but cmon we didnt buy big tvs to play a fucking potato

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