Here is a collection of best Playstation one (PS1) games of all time! Enjoy and have fun 🙂 Please make sure to watch other parts: Part 1: …


  1. Hola
    gente, pues buscaba un juego de ps1 pero no lo encuentro, se trataba de
    una chica que llegaba a una mansión y era perseguida por malos, ella
    podía poner trampas en cada habitación, y entre cada nivel uno podía
    modificar sus trampas, había un pendulo, una trampa del suelo que los
    lanzaba lejos y cosas así.

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  3. I have Enter the Gecko. It's on my 'to beat' list.
    I also have Jade Cocoon. I'm so lucky to have bought that for £20!
    Future Cap: L.A.P.D. What a fantastic game. I used to play it religiously with my younger brother on co-op mode.
    Legend of Mana – yet another game I want to own. If you can't tell, I'm really into my RPGs.
    Still need to beat Dino Crisis. I actually made it pretty far but then stopped for reasons.
    Gunner's Heaven looks fun.
    Wooooooooow! Blasto looks incredibly familiar. I may or may not have had something similar.
    I had an Oddworld game. It was, I believe, the first in the series; Abe's Odyssey.

  4. there were wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too many racing games for PSX. and they were all pretty much terrible, cept for a small few.

  5. Hey can someone help me? I played this game as a kid and it played a huge part of my childhood. I remember one cutscene of some sort of parade of skeleton demon things marching in a forest or a village, and you were a person on a roof that did a flip off of it and killed one of the demons as you landed. It was night with torches on the walls if i remember correctly. It was a kind of dungeon game, it was played in first person I THINK and the box or the disc was either red or orange and white. Sorry if some information is off if was like 5 or 6 now I'm sixteen please someone help if you have any ideas. Thanks 🙂

  6. #1 ps1 game to me is gunnm martian memory battle angel Alita. #2 brave fencer musashi. #3 tenchu. #4 star wars episode 1. but then again this is just my opinion.

  7. Thank you!!! Really thank you!!! Years find a game in my mind, without know your name, and is "future cop" 10000000000 like 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  8. Jade Cocoon. That brings back memories. Never played a pokemon game, but I remember loving Jade Cocoon, and I believe it had a similar concept. If I recall, you could fuse your creature with other creatures to create new and different creatures with different abilites. It was cool and seemed like it had some great potential. I also remember really liking the story as well.
    Then, I remember Jade Cocoon 2 came out. It was not the same game. It seemed they made it more complicated and complex than it needed to be. And I didn't like it at all.

  9. Can someone please help me? When I was younger (Around 3 or 4 years old) I used to play the PS1 with my sister, I'm now 15 and my sister is 29 but there is a game I can remember from when I was younger, I just need to know what it's called because it's been bugging me for years (Yes I can remember as far back as 3 years old) Anyway, I'm sure in the game there was a cutscene in a forest with this man or woman, and basically I'm sure there was this shed in the forest and you clicked a button and it opened the door and there were stairs going down, I think the disk of the game was red but that might be me going mad, I can remember the game so vividly but can't remember the name of it…. My sister doesn't know it either… Can someone shed some light for me?

  10. Legend of Mana… i was looking for this game since i lost my Playstation and i forget the name of the game… I won't be lying if i say that this is around 10 years or more… nostalgia…

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