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  1. You have yet to fail me. I'm looking for specific things about MMO (Character customization and now action combat) I'm looking for, and you guys have a top list for it. Man I'm glad I subscribed you guys a month after this video was uploaded.

    Short Version: Vindictus in terms of combat is what I think of when I think of Action Combat, but the rest is up for debate.

    Long Version: Personally when I think action combat I think Vindictus. No hotbar for skills, skills activated by combos, tough enemies that you got to learn their attack pattern, and gear is just as important as your level. Though I'll be the first to about that Vindictus isn't perfect. You'll be waiting time can get more then a little ridiculous at times when your looking for people to team up with. Getting someone that is way over leveled for a mission in your party can destroy your enjoyment, and causes you to lose out on learn through trial and error. The "redeployment" reward for being away for months has the same effect if you trying out a new character. Grinding (applies to all mmos that don't try to mask it) is boring. I would have liked it if the world was more opened then dungeon running It would have also helped with making the grinding less boring. Fighting the same boss over and over with diminishing exp reward, when you just want to move onto the next story mission, does no make for a fun time.

  2. As someone who has played Dragon Nest, Tera, Vindictus, and C9 there is no way in hell Tera's combat system is better than those games. Also after having played B&S and BDO, I still think Dragon Nest combat beats them all. Which is sad cuz DN outside of its fantastic combat system is terrible in all other areas.

  3. every game mentioned here is great but when you get to end game it simply dies you need to be a brain dead to play these game at the end lvl good gameplay but worts of the worst end game

  4. Its mesmerizing how DC Universe always looked like the Perfect Game, but somehow they got it to be super boring…
    I miss City of Heroes so much…

  5. Dragon nest is truely the best and funnest combat MMO i've ever played, it had a huge potential, but unfortunely is ruined duo to really outdated graphics and a low playerbase, and the EU one has become p2w.

  6. Hmm… have you guys looked at PSO2 yet? Granted, it's not regularly available in the West, but I'd say it'd blow most games out of the water if it ever left Japan.

  7. We need more action combat mmorpgs. Trun based is extremely outdated. Same as theme-park mmorpgs. Too many standard, cookie cutter, outdated-in-two-years games.

  8. I love how Guild Wars 2 made the combat system! It's a mixture of both. Main reason I find pure action based combat like Tera annoying is that you have to push an extra buttom or some shit like it to unlock your cursor in order to click on skills, maps, inventory stuff etc… Guild Wars 2 has the optimal combat style I ever found in an mmorpg because your cursor is always visible and available without having an extra buttom to click for it to unlock. I hate static boring ass gameplay that pure tabtargeting games often offers. But like I said, GW2 NAILED it!

  9. played tera it feelt alot like BnS and as we all know that isnt how it shall be pressing hotkeys and whatching what happening and aiming but in stuff like vindictus you do the combo an exempel is evi ulti you press the skill but then you have to do the attacks thats more as it shudd be games shudd go whith the gow and dmc heck even darksiders2 stylr specly wen its an hackNslash.

  10. Anything similar to tera and vindictus in eu? loved c9 but didnt like the instance based thing..
    And wasnt vindictus canceled in eu?

    Tried everything on this list including the new moba's and B&S, so if anyone knows a hidden game somewhere pls tell me :P

  11. I see tap-target-and-play combat as turn based combat, just with really really really really really fast-moving turns where if you don't do anything on your turn, you just do a simple melee auto attack. when i see it in that light, it's not really boring to me at all, cuz i kinda like turn-based combat (thanks to paper mario, final fantasy, and pokemon). (also, can ya please do a top 10 turn-based combat mmorpgs list?)

    still, action-based combat can really get one's blood pumping in a good way, especially when there's multiple enemies on screen. shit like this mades me love kingdom hearts (not an mmo, but still a good action combat system), and i wish more mmorpgs used action combat.

    shit like this is why i love Tera and Spiral Knights.

    also…. you have #6 as #10. i know this was already pointed out, but it's just too ironically funny.

  12. seriosly. someone who loves vindictus game style and likes open world very much as well.


    im serioslylooking for so long, and honestly-

    everything looks like shit XD

    so please someone who thinks kinda like me and tried some games out reccommend something to me…

    im honestly desperate.

  13. ill never understand how terai is always #1, while you have vindictus, which is totally related on skill, dodging and no hotkey skills.
    sadly in the newer characters they really started putting lots of skills in the hotkey bar, which was quite disappointing to me.

  14. LISTEN everyone! you can turn guildwars 2 into an action rpg gameyou need a razer mouse with mouse mapping capabilities and you need to find free look on your key bindings! its so stupid that they didn't make it into an option in every game to choose what you want! back in the day they didn't know so much but today we should be able to have the choice

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