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  1. To me the driver pushed the officer and then advance on the officer so I'll say, well done officer on defending yourself against the attacker.

  2. Most of these drivers rely on their buses as main income i get He would be mad but his actions were inappropriate but hearing it was a passenger extra this all was unnecessary

  3. The officer was not wrong in his actions but should be taken off duty permanently if you watch the video from a different angle he clearly doesn't care about his back stop and fired into a crowd can't have men like that on the force they don't take accountability for their bullets..

  4. Viewing tape again for those who cussing me out,the taxi man had a set of keys in his hand which can if used incorrectly cause harm, you rush the police officer not once ,but twice ,with a hostile crowd who at any time could have put officers life in danger ,who don’t like what I say it’s what it is,the officer has a right to maintain law and order and when executed right that’s his right .kmt

  5. U don't just assault the officer and attempt to do it again! If he had died nobody could be blamed but him and his nimble hands! Em woulda talk without touch the man em too brave

  6. The video is not conclusive…. eyewitness accounts is also apart of this. Either way its risky behavior to physically attack a police with a firearm. As they said the driver is well known. Short boss was shot again while on the ground when he should have been subdued and handcuff ..its apart the first shot had the man injured… trigger happy policing is also not policing. The officer life was not in danger ,alot of times these officers are very aggressive and disrespectful. Short boss I hope you learn a lesson today.

  7. U see how eyewitness lie … this time the police was right not wrong anywhere in the world you go and push a police like that believe it or not you going to get gunshot Jamaican people need for respect the law

  8. Yo see how the “witness” give a different account from the video show? It’s a good thing people were recording as the policeman story would’ve been doubted. Black oriole love lawlessness and that’s our biggest downfall.

  9. Both of em wrong him nuh suppose to put him hand on the office and them need to take away the police gun 2 wild shot any other innocent bystanders could have gotten hurt so him nah whole it neither

  10. I wonder which person can watch this video and say the police wrong a people like the bus driver which is a big man make the young youths them don't have no respect for the law of the land him must give thanks he's not dead him WRONG!!

  11. Sometimes crowd a people must try calm a situation ..busman feel strength when them women /men start shout and brawl…whats in u head to push policeman ..u give away your right..straight court fi u…

  12. Police officers are trained in hand to hand combat a solution to the altercation, the option of using pepper spray and batons were also available, the bus driver was not armed in any way so the gun should have been the last option. this is a product of poor police training and decision making. The bus driver was wrong to assault an officer, if the video is played in slow motion one can see where the officer shot at the bus drivers head, this is intention to kill. this incident has caused unrest in Spaulding this coupled with the officers harassing taxi drivers who operate from the town.

  13. Glad he is not dead and he is lucky there is no way anyone with sense can say the officer was wrong ,
    first thing the driver assaulted the police Doing his duty as appointed by the law , yes I would have preferred him to use pepper spray or even a baton , but what they think this is , and to those exciting the situation you was wrong to give him more ammunition to go take on the officer, I have seen no footage that shows the drivers life was threatened 👮🏾‍♀️, he was wrong wrong wrong .typo error* I am in full support of the officer 👍🏾

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