In this video, we take a look at the Top 10 Best Graphics in Upcoming Xbox One Games. Do you agree with my list of the Top 10 Best Graphics in Upcoming …


  1. Mirrors edge number 3 and final fantasy number 2? Is it a joke? After i watched mirrors edge final fantasy looked like 10 years old game… Mirrors edge 1 looks better

  2. Ohmygawd, these grawfix look amazballs! >.< RAWR. I'm preordering the limited, special and prestige edishons as we SPEAK! My dad still hasnt logged out of hiz paypal account lel, should be easy to hack >8-)

  3. Maybe somebody can answer this question for me. Games like Gears of War 4 will b 1080p and Doom 4 will be 1060p and 60fps. So why can't all Xbox One games do this? Poor programing?

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