Quick tutorial on how to watch free HD sports on your Amazon Fire Stick!! NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB | 100% HD Links! Works on you Android Box, PC, Mac, Linux box as well!! Mouse Toggle Download:…


  1. On my firestick I have done everything you mentioned except the chrome will not be able to download. I went under sports are free and clicked on it the game comes on then it kicks back to the homepage. It doesn't stay on for me to watch the game. What do I do??

  2. all this does is buffer when it says no buffering and thats all it does and yes my internet is fast i have fiber optic so don't ask if this is the problem

  3. Hey buddy. I have Silk browsee which was easier to download than chrome and I didnt have to download the mouse toggle because it already has it programmed since its part of fire stick. You should tell your followers the easy way instead of the difficult time wasting approach. Using Silk browser you dont have to push play button. The mouse is already ob screen.

  4. Just want to say thank you I followed the steps real easy to use I really appreciate it thanks again let me know how I could spread the word

  5. I’m new I just downloaded kodi 17.6 and I’m getting a lot of buffering and can u suggest how to get the best and latest movies and sports with no buffering it terrible? Help

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