I’d certainly love if this were added or talked about at E3. I know we all want games, games, games, but I feel like this could possibly be huge for people who …


  1. Hopefully yall like the Dreamcast gameplay ! Was fun hooking everything up and getting it to work the way it was supposed. To. I hope we get this included with the update, it'd be cool for a lot of people to be able to achieve things through more than just Achievements.

  2. So basically what this video means is I'm about to get a $30 case for my phone after I've had it 4 years and done no such thing. Comparing that to Xbox getting "moar achievements"

  3. Genuine question: Why do PlayStation fanboys watch videos specifically aimed at Xbox owners? I thought they would be too busy playing all their exclusives, I'm surprised they have time to eat, let alone watch youtube


    XBOX 1X PUBG 12-30FPS 😂😂😂Losing tons of players to FORTNITE. XBOX = L after L after L after L.

  5. I hope this E3 really has some amazing games .
    I'm tired of features right now my PS4 is my main console everytime I want to put the controller down Sony reels me back in fast with a new Game and I want to put some work into my Xbone but so far I only use the Xbone for Path of Exiles,Skyrim & fallout 4 mods.

    I'm hoping for some amazing announcements on E3 like a Fable 4 ( wishful thinking,I guess.) Or I'm definitely not renewing my live service again I feel like it's $60 going to waste .
    Even though I don't play multiplayer games and don't really need the live service but I do like to contribute to the company in hopes that they repay me with amazing entertainment but man Xbone has let me down… well thats my rant, until E3.

  6. Several Pro enhancements share same resolution as base ps4.

    X1X already has more enhanced games than protato despite being on the market 1/3 of the time.
    Imagine how it will look a year from now. Pro is dead!

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