Matt Damon returns to his most iconic role in Jason Bourne. Paul Greengrass, the director of The Bourne Supremacy and The Bourne Ultimatum, once again …


  1. technically the Xbox one isn't even leave because they announced it at E3 and when I hear things about a subject and means rumors about something that probably true

  2. Ok so first of all, I want
    people to have easier lives so here's the truth: it's way more efficient
    to buy a gaming pc rather than this Apple-looking crap ideas.

    Second of all, don't bring up that "I can't afford a gaming pc" shit. Yes you fucking can.
    I sold my Xbox One and 8 games and with that money I bought a gaming pc
    I had some saved money that I used to buy a pack with 30 Steam games
    instead of probably buying about 5 Xbox One games, so yeah in the end
    it's cheaper and more efficient…

    Oh and wanna know what I did? I mean, I don't know about you guys but I
    worked at a restaurant for 3 months and that's where I got my money
    from, you can afford a pc if you dedicate yourself to do something
    productive first rather than just sitting and waiting for someone
    (probably your parents) to buy it for you, again I'm trying to help people here, not insult.

    graphics are definitely better than a console and if not, you can
    download mods to make them better. PS4 has some mods but still, you
    can't compare them.

    Hope you understand an you have no more concerns, if you do you're
    invited to reply πŸ™‚

  3. Do you really think the new xbox will actually be able to play games in true 4k hd/60fps and for only $299? I mean come on Machinima you guys are smarter than that. The 1080 is the first graphics card to be able to play games at 4k and get a constant 60fps and it just came out and cost around $600.

  4. ok there is a serious problem it says on for the new slim it is 4k ready, 40% smaller, and all that shit but it releases august 2016 and starts at $399. is it going to be $399 or is it going to be $299 it would be very important if the $299 has the 2tb hard drive 4k ready, 40% smaller and all that shit so someone please provide me with the right information

  5. 4k? really? really microsoft xbox wont have 4k with that price maybe 4k images but not video even my new pc which is around 1300 wont be able to run the games higher than 30fps stable

  6. if you go on the gamestop app you can preorder the console for 299 and it has a description of the new things it has and yes it is confirmed or else it would not be on the gamestop app

  7. If my 1TB xbox one can't be traded in for 50-75% off man fuck the slim I paid 500 bucks for it and I should only have to pay about 100 bucks because of the UHD and 1 extra terabyte.

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