This is a preview of the XvGM Menu, I will be putting this menu on my Xbox’s from now on as I think that XBMCXBOX has kind of past its lifespan (most plugins …


  1. Friend, if you cant share it with us could you tell me what i need tô start one like yours. i already have the old xtrasmenu but i dont know how edit home menu, put bakgrounds and add the vídeo preview. can you give me some help?

  2. Hey Floyd, nice video.  I see you changed the music on the Launch screen.XMV.  I made another one with different wording.  Still looking for that perfect epic song though.

  3. @floydzabarber is this going to be like coin-ops inregards to having all the games and systems in house? or will it be like hyperspin were you have to add everything? Thanks

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