This is a sponsored video. Be sure to check out Ys Origin using the following link: My girlfriend has been trying to get me to play the Ys series …


  1. I know its sponsored but I still love how you're spreading info about this game. I played this game years ago and it was really great. Unfortunately none of my friends heard of this game/series.

  2. Even if those might be a bit dated for some people, i recommend starting with Ys I and II (Chronicles) to someone who wants to get into this series and in fact i think, the best is to play Origin after playing VI.

  3. YS series is one of the most famous j-arpgs that is much less noticed in the western world, fun, fluid, challenging gameplay, marvelous music, and moving story. I love to be a falcom fanboy(not to mention ZWEI 1&2 and the trails series…

  4. Did play it 2 years ago or so on Steam and really really liked it. The graphics aren't that great of course given the age of the actual game, but the gameplay and music definitely make up for it.

  5. if you haven't mentioned this, when you beat the game with both characters, you can unlock hugos brother to play as. (If the PS4 version follows the PC version).

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