If you remember all of these games, you’re a saint and probably a liar.


  1. The very original best PS2 3D platformer Evil Twin: Cyprien's Chronicles is probably the most forgotten of all games

    Evil Twin: History (please read)

    Originally proposed as a TV animation during 1995-1998
    Canal+ was the TV station to suggest that the animation be turned into a game
    Everything including, story/art-style/characters/etc were all carried over to a game development during 1998-2001 (originally supposed to be release in late 1999 for Dreamcast, entitled "Evil Twin")

    The main character was designed as a random doodle in 1995 (he isn't inspired by the cabbage-patch clone Chucky)
    The OST was released on Jan 1st 2000 (it was influenced by the level-designs of the game)
    It was composed by the late Bertrand Eluerd (1965-2005) He did a few music scores for films/ 2 game OSTs/His own music and directing

    It is a European release only
    Released in selected regions
    It was ever released through one game store at the time
    It is one of the most rarest/uncommon games for PS2/PC and DC
    It has the supreme honour of being the last European exclusive Dreamcast game
    There was very little coverage on it
    Not many have had the honour of playing it and not many have heard of it

    The game is the most wronged, overlooked and unfairly treated McGee's Alice would have been heavily inspired/influenced by Evil Twin as Evil Twin's concepts/ideas predate Alice by a few years (it was a game before Alice)

    Psychonauts is a direct rip-off to Evil Twin, like Alice, it's just the cheap American equivalent to an original visual masterpiece

  2. I can only think 3 games that are great but are easily forgotten.
    1. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2003
    2. True Crime Streets of LA
    3. Tony Hawks Underground 2.

    Edit: needed to add a 3rd.

  3. Okay, i had to pause the video 35 seconds in to make this comment, fucking started with the best console start up of all time, transfer into a meme, and cap it off with Glorious Domination. You already earned my sub, now i'll finish the video.

  4. "God Hand",
    "Champions of Norath",
    "Half Life",
    "Haunting Ground",
    "Kind of Fighers 2006" (best 3D K.O.F.),
    "Beyond Good and Evil",
    "X-Files: Resist or Serve" (not a pefect game, but awesome for X-Files fans),
    "God of War",
    "Micromachines V4",
    "Tekken Tag" and "Tekken 5"
    AND all of the AMAZING SNK Collections Goodness!

  5. Ghosthunter was really cool. Not a perfect game by any means, but it was doing the whole over the shoulder stop and pop gun battles way before Resident Evil 4. Really impressive art assets too for the time. Guerrilla Cambridge was always great at pushing Playstation hardware to its limits.

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