In this video, we take a look at the 10 BEST PC Games of 2016 So Far. Do you agree with my list of the 10 BEST PC Games of 2016 So Far? Do you disagree …


  1. Seriously. These games are like top indie games that come with playstation plus subscription. . . Come on. Why wud i buy a 4k pc if im gonna play these dumb graphics mmos.

  2. GameCross I know it's kind of off subject I'd really like to find the music playing at the first part of the video if anyone knows it's name/artist. Thank you

  3. i tryed to download black desert and i played the game in the like 30sec coz it was so laggy for me and i deleted it and i shouldnt do that but i did it and now i have tryed to download it and i it doest work or i came in the game i i just needed to do my password but idk where to click its on some weird language i think its russian and i came into the small box in which to write their passwords but when I enter it so it says that it is wrong or something please help would mean a lot would like to have on the back (: and sorry for my english im swedish

  4. i dont get it. why do you spoke of dragons dogma dark arisen like a New game when just is a port to pc and i heard the console versión have betther graphics? where is d dogma online?

  5. i'm sorry, i'll have to point out at least ONE thing out of many things that bothers me on this list, cuz I hate to stay shut.

    On the list there's DD:Dark Arisen, I was dissatisfied by the way you introduce the game and reviewed it's feature.

  6. You fuckheads who make videos and recommend ashes of the singularity, did you even play this game? Its super boring i stopped after 30min, and i'm big RTS fan

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