This is the 10 Upcoming PS4 OPEN WORLD GAMES to Buy in 2016. Do you have any interest in these games? Comment below whether or not you agree or …


  1. Biggest mafia 1 and two fan can't wait to see what mafia 3 has to offer but my favorite part is them bringing Vito back and you can figure out what happened with joe

  2. i think i can be safe and say that Rockstar won't let me down !
    they will bring out a new Red Dead and of course we have a new
    GTA at one point coming out ! in the near future oh and Skyrim 2 by bethesda should be another masterpiece ! i will just keep waiting patiently for the masters to bring those titles out .

  3. i think horizon zero dawn and mafia 3 could be be real good games
    dead island 2 maybe?
    homefront looks nice but the story is fucking bullshit in my opinion
    all other games are crap in my eyes

  4. FF : Jpop boy band simulator
    No mans sky delayed till 2017
    Homefront already released and its shit
    Mirrors Edge its going now available and looks cool like Yakuza that medieval game that i think its not going for this year , like dead island 2 and Ghost Recoon Wildlands

  5. mirror's edge has terrible voice acting .. she sounds short of breath while she is moving but talks through the radio sounds calm… it's like there are two different face  lol

  6. Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a disgrace as a video game. That hurt to watch. You can say it's early alpha and whatnot, but that argument really doesn't hold. The graphics and rendering are appalling, and the facial animations are disgusting. It fucking pains me to see a garbage game like this get recognition it doesn't deserve while other actual quality games are left in the dust.

  7. And why do games find it so damn hard to lip sync the vocals correctly on all in game characters. It's not the 90's anymore this simple detail should have been sorted by now.

  8. That castle in the opening scene looked awfully bare. No detail at all. Shame. I hope that game is improved as it has great potential.

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