The end of year PS4Trophies award show concludes with the top 10 Easiest platinum trophies to earn from games released in 2015. ▻ Support me on Patreon …


  1. As game of thrones was free on ps plus this month I couldn't help but as always download it check it out, without knowing at all the platinum was easy to get, was such a gripping story line loved every bit of it, just completed the full game today and earned my first ever platinum on my PlayStation account, plan to platinum Tales From The Borderlands too can't wait!

  2. I want to say that I bought some TellTale games for trophies but ehhh they're just a bonus. I enjoy GoT so it was fun playing through that. And I enjoyed the first free episode of Tales from the Borderlands as well as Life is Strange. I think they do a good job at releasing the first episode for free, it sucks you into the story and make you want to play it. The only game of theirs I bought that I didn't play a free episode of was The Walking Dead and Wolf Among Us. I still need to finish both.

  3. So just because Adventure Time is a kids show means you either have to have kids or be a trophy whore to own it?

    Adventure Time is a great show that I urge all full grown people with/without kids to watch. The game is also pretty cool too and caters to fans of the show.

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