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  1. hey Dream Mix
    do you even care about the non-patreons? im not talking you are greedy
     i just wanna know, many users don't have the acess to buying games via web and the little part that cans just dosen't cares about who's not them (Patreons by example) and i really would want the game free but i think you should just let it end because teh project eventually is gonna be forgotten. but if it doesn't, then i think you COULD have more good in your soul and just, let a tech-demo for free or things like that. IF you don't want complainings about the full game not being acessible for free, i understand why you have a patreon, not by being greedy but by needing support; just, don't ignore m-me, ok? i won't complain, i just im saying, ok?

  2. I saw btg (blue television games) mess with this and make a super Mario RPG, and I noticed every time he got hit, he was warped to the room entrance. Is this an Ingame function or just some clever editing trick?

  3. will the final game cost money? if so, how much? also, if i pledge, then cancel it later, would i still get every release of the game, or not (sorry, haven't really used patreon before)? and lastly, will there be any way to disable the xp system?

  4. I noticed you go back and forth often when you make a new map screen, Do you think making the map screen 1 tile larger on each side and putting an indicator like a line to show on the other side is the other map screen make it easier? This way you can easily see without going back and forth what's the tiles of the other screen?

  5. I am continually impressed on your improvements, will I be able to use different kinds of weapons in this ecosystem? I really want to have a meteor hammer (kind of like the yoyo in startropics)

  6. i'm wonder when one will be able to make defined entrances and exits to other maps. though it is fine to use transitions to move between screens, there'd be much more options with those. (a one way passage and a back'n'forth kinda passage from any tile)

    i'd also like to see events triggering changes onto screens. as in: hit a button and Screen X.Y will shift from State 01 to State 02.

    and last, just as others mentioned, the ability to zoom about or make larger screens (scrolling).

  7. Looks great, even though I kinda preferred it when it was legend maker. Will there be an option to set the scrolling to smooth scrolling instead of screen-by-screen?

    Also will there be a way to zoom out? It would probably be helpful when making levels and stuff.

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