On the topic of animation, and why it is important to think carefully about the way it functions in tandem with combat in action games. http://gatheryourparty.com/ …


  1. Ninja Gaiden has by far BY FAR the best combat animations of any video game I've seen, it single-handedly revived my interest in the genre. Never played a game with more satisfying combat and it's more then just flair. All 3 main games, Sigma 1, 2 and Razor's Edge are amazing. It's hard to get exited for melee combat in other games after having played those games.

  2. Monster Hunter is a pretty good example for this. It's all about weight, commitment, exaggerated / clear moves, and tells. Especially when running solo. It's what makes it such a great game, and separates it from most of the clones and other action games IMHO.

  3. Dude, I just came across your channel and I have to say that your videos are awesome. I'm totally binging all of these videos for sure. Keep it up 🙂

  4. I know it's an old video (Thanks by the way. Tons of deceptively obvious information that most people don't think about), but I just have to point out one thing: Fortunately your fears about motion capture didn't came true. Looking at the games that Naughty dog produces (especially behind the scenes videos), DevDiary of Ninja Theory's Hell Blade and many more became apparent that you can't just throw in a bunch of mocap footage into the game — it simple doesn't work that way ) Not any time soon anyway )

  5. Sorry to burst your bubble, but the game stopping for the four frames is just the game freezing at producing badass gore. Simply put, your consoles can barely handle it. It's essentially as giddy as you doing it.

  6. I know this video is more than 1 year old now, but I feel like I have to say something about the God Hand Part. For between Level 1 and Level 3, the animations really do not get faster, but I think this changes on Level Die. The enemies really attack faster there, you'll especially notice that for the demon enemies.

  7. In 'Arkham' – ya can turn off the 'I'm about to attack' lightning-halo thingie, in the game options….Seems like a fair design compromise to me.

  8. about your argument with Arkham city (nice HUD by the way, is that exclusive to the PC version?): In the new game plus mode, the game forces you into combat without those attack prompts above enemies' heads. Meaning that you will have to pay attention the next time you play the game. Just pointing it out. I think the developers did this attack prompt in the normal mode to allow players to familiarise themselves with enemy attack patterns so when the time came to play the games again, the players would be ready for a tougher, more intense challenge.

  9. Okay, so I'm not going to argue with any of your points because a lot of them are actually really good points, I just want to ask a question about how your points relate to Devil May Cry 3 and 4. The reason for this is because, I've been watching footage of Devil May Cry 3 and 4, and have even played these games before, and I've noticed that Dante in Devil May Cry 3 doesn't really have a lot of exaggeration in his moves, not really a whole lot of wind-up or impact effects but Dante's attacks are still a lot of fun to pull off nonetheless. Of course there are exceptions to this in these two games, depending on the weapon you're using (I've noticed a lot more windup on Beowulf and Gilgamesh than Agni & Rudra or Cerberus) but in general the weapons in Devil May Cry 3 and 4 are still a lot of fun to mess with but they don't seem to me, on the surface, to be utilizing the strategies in animation that you've presented.

    So what's the problem? What is it that I'm not getting?

  10. Whoever reads this comment,

    Go back and play RAGE, but instead of getting distracted by the boring-ish story and pathetic attempt to render good textures — watch how animations and AI work

    You can thank me later.

  11. IMO you can't compare batman with the other games in this video… the Fighting system in batman is basically a reactiontest, comparable with Music games. it is all about not breaking the combo and 1 wrong buttonpress kills your combo. if you counter without anyone to counter you loose your combo, if you punch the air, you loose your combo etc.

  12. Okay, I literally found out about this channel an hour ago thanks to someone posting this video on NeoGAF. Now, I've seen every single video, except for those about games I haven't played yet and want to like Metroid Prime and Spec Ops: The Line. This channel is fantastic and all developers (aspiring or AAA) should watch these videos.

    If you like videos that can serve as guidelines for developers and delve into the design of games then check out "Game Maker's Toolkits" from Mark Brown and "Extra Credits" and "Design Club" from Extra Credits.

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