Defunct Games gives away Slender: The Arrival for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Enter the contest now for your chance to win this survival horror game.


  1. A horror game about debugging code that is missing a semicolon somewhere while the spirit gerbil of christmas in Zambia visits you to inform you that you don't call your parents enough.  All characters are voiced by a 5 year old who just slammed a red-bull.  (twist: the missing semicolon is actually in the very game you're playing and it necessarily crashes every playthrough… no checkpoints.)

    PS4 if selected please 😉

  2. Title: Hashtag Yolo Swag

    A horror movie about being trapped inside a cell phone.  The twist?  It belongs to a 14 year old who only communicates via emoji.  The lead character must survive the little tiny whales, banana peels, thumbs up and the dreaded Mic Drop. How will the hero fare when the user breaks out the games? Can they survive the angriest of birds?  

    Lead directors: Michael Bay and George Lucas
    Kris Jenner-Kardashian as the user
    Snooki as the one trapped
    And Nicholas Cage as the cell phone

    Worst. Horror. Movie. Ever.
    PS4 🙂

  3. The horror game would be called Jamestown+, just like the excellent shooter. The thing is, after you buy it and boot it up, it would actually be Slender, the mediocre horror game. No refunds either… Scary!

  4. The idea is called Slender 2: The Sequel.  The game has nothing to do with the original Slender and is about a guy whom walks in on his Grandmother who is naked.  The goal is to find mace to burn your eyes but the catch is that it is after 9pm and so the local mace store is closed.  Now you must wait until dawn and try to fight off the horrors of seeing your Grandma in the nude.  If you think about her leathery behind too much, you can go insane and kill yourself or even worse…  Fine the images sexually satisfying.  This game will also be called Five Nights at Grandmas for the original Italian release.  Did I mention my bad idea yet?  The bad idea is a sequel to this but it'll be the same idea but with a new cast and split into a two parter like how Butterfly Effect 2 and 3 was.  The bad idea will be called Slender 2000: Tempest in Limbo…  It will also star Pauly Shore.

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