Corpse Party – PSP | Walkthrough / Let’s Play Part 1 – Naomi x Seiko Japanese Adventure! “Corpse Party Chapter 1” with commentary BLIND on PPSSPP ISO.


  1. Not what I expected although that's might be a good thing. These are the sort of earnest brown-nosing kids that one avoided at school, I've never wanted or expect to want children but Japanese parents seem to be on to a good thing, send them to school early & keep them there until after 7pm. Barely 5 mins in & Satoshi already has his hands on Naomi's chesticles this was never an approach that occurred to me, to claim being scared & then "inadvertently" stumbling on the nearest boobage.

  2. ummm…. this game is… I'm not gonna lie, up to this point is terrible and it sucks! at least your commentary is still on its top, maybe the game gets way better later on.

  3. I've seen walkthroughs of this game a few times and it disturbs me every time, I doubt this time is gonna be different! And that's coming from a girl whom loves everything horror-related! :-S

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