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  1. Hey boffyrox, tok wolf would like to thank you for showing me certain things in your silent hill 2 WALKTHROUGH! That helped a lot, and really like how you explained things! (Getting that flashlight is bullcrap how dark it is at first XD ) I see that you played other awesome games as well that are my favorite video games such as evil within, resident evil 4, and dead space I might get into since its like the same but in space! Lol definitly subscribing to your channel, check mine out if you want, I do a lot of crazy stuff for my channel. Take care sir, definitly will be watching some of your vids

  2. I think I like the first DS slightly better than the second, but the cinematics in DS2 were pure awesome.

    Never played the 3rd one, heard it was a major departure from what made Dead Space great. Not as scary, more people/human enemies not as many necromorphs, and the weapon upgrade system was janky.

  3. Yes, finally Dead Space!!! Love this game, Great atmosphere, interesting story, good voice acting, lot of blood, gore and plasma…In spaaace. Anyhow take care looking forward to┬ánext videos.

  4. You'll rapidly find the only one that ever makes any sense is the girl. She's bitchy and annoying, but is about ten times more intelligent than the other two…especially Issac. If you play this through to the end you'll be pleasantly appalled at his intelligence.

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