The Dell XPS 13 for 2019 was just unveiled at CES 2019, but Digital Trends got our hands on one early and have a full review with what is certain improvement …


  1. Why Dell xps 13 ( 9380 ) is not available in India yet ? In tier 2 cities esp , you won't find any laptop above rs Rs 60,000 at compuindia_ Dell retail outlets. We are indirectly forced to buy Mac . Has Dell sold it's operations to apple by accepting defeat ?

  2. BUYER BEWARE: I bought a Dell 9370 a year ago and it has always had two main problems:
    1. The Bluetooth adapter fails every couple of days: a complete reboot fixes it, but it is really annoying;
    The mouse pad feels nice but is way to sensitive, e.g. it registers two
    finger scrolls as clicks all the time, to the point where I need to use
    a mouse with my laptop or carefully position my cursor to blank spaces
    before scrolling.
    Dell releases lots of driver updates, and the above
    problems do seem to be common, which was why I hoped that would have
    addressed this now. Of course I could pay to have it sent away, only for
    their technicians to say that they cannot replicate the problem, but
    the point is that this kind of thing should be as common as it is when
    you spend this much on a premium laptop.

  3. Ugh, the biggest false advertising campaign when it comes to their battery life.

    19 hours in last XPS 13, up to 21 hours in this one?

    Yeah, if you literally put it on Battery Saver mode, dim the screen completely to the minimum, and only have Microsoft Word open. No web browser, no WiFi usage, no nothing. And even then it might not hit that 20+ hours.

    My old XPS could barely last up to 7 hours on a full charge, let alone their advertised 19 hours, all under normal usage.

    And to make matters worse, 3-4 months into using it the battery started to deteriorate rapidly, so much so that 6 months into me owning this "super duper long battery computer of the future" I couldn't get more than an hour, hour and a half from that battery before I had to plug it back in and recharge it.

    I've gone through 2 replacement batteries already, and they all go through the same cycle – first few months are ok, but then after month 3-4 they start deteriorating so bad, turning this laptop into a brick that needs to be constantly plugged in to use it. Forget travelling with it, working remotely without a power plug, etc.

    Never buying into their B.S. advertising again.

  4. Could it be that the monitor does not "stuck at a certain level" when opening but that it's intentionally designed this way so that it will open easy and with one hand for the most part but also be stiff at the angle where it's opened to allow touching of the screen without wobbling?

  5. Why do yall keep recommending this pos when you know the Quality Control is horrible and 7 times out of 10 the buyer will get a defected laptop????

  6. 7 years ago, i was using dell vostro, battery life is so short, after 3 months, the notebook can only run with battery in 45 mins. So I don't trust dell battery anymore.

  7. Bullshit max mrp price tag ! For dells it can fucks up
    Company works services or Popularty
    Popularty increasing value of product
    And popularty was for selling product!

  8. You took more than 3 minutes to talk about a webcam and hinge. I want to know about performance, monitor quality, and compatibility with E-GPUs. The webcam is a footnote.

  9. webcam is never a issue, matter of fact, dell can even get rid of the web cam to make the bezel thinner. if you want a proper webcam just get a usb external webcam.

  10. hello. how to become a reviewer of laptops. and the company shipped new devices to you for free. I would like to start doing this too. could someone explain how to start. what need to be done

  11. I have bought one XPS 13 in Laos, the main board has broken in a warranty period, until now I have not get it repared and I have been waiting for it almost 4 months. If you want to buy this …reconsider!

  12. TLDW – Too Long Didn't Watch

    It's basically the same laptop from last year except the privacy intrusive webcam is situated at the top now where it can see you better as you watch your favourite homemade videos.
    oh and if the reviewer isn't talking about the quality control of this product, it's probably because he hasn't thoroughly reviewed it or is shilling.

    If it's another run of the mill marketing review, then said reviewer will talk about the new webcam, then probably relate it to windows hello then he'll delve deep into any fingerscanning, performance, battery and so on.

    thank me later

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