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  1. All these comments are from a couple years ago, having played the game fully up to date with rise of iron and having extensively learned the combat and movement in both PvP and pve, the game is much better now than it used to be, and it seems as if destiny 2 has fixed all of the problems people had with the first one, minus mmo style grinding.

  2. I hope you've come back to the game since you've made this review, it's most definitely changed for the better. 90% of the time when people mention Destiny, they say how terrible it was, and compare other games based on it. However, these people haven't played it since the beginning, and say how "Destiny 1 was terrible, so Destiny 2 won't be any better."

    Please do a review of Destiny 2 when it comes out. I'd honestly love to see your criticisms on it then, along with all the salty commenters. And have a good day 😛

  3. the new voice instead of peter is worse! who thought it was better? it is worse….
    lol i dont care about the story at all hahaha i get quests and do them that is enough story for me.

  4. i tried to like destiny…i really did i bought it once on xbox one, then sold it. then i bought it for ps4 and sold it. God help me i tried but, its just not fun on really any level. I love first person shooters and have played em my entire life. I dunno its just not fun.

  5. I love how the game is filled with a shitton of redundant weapons that all have extremely identical playstyles and mechanics. Isn't one of the main aspects of the game supposed to be about collecting rare and unique loot? Then why, for the most part, are the weapons only differentiated by mere aesthetics and extremely slight statistical differences? There's simply no excuse.

  6. Hello viewer who took a brief peak into the comment section, if you watched this review than you might possibly be certain that you want to buy this game, but i'm sad to tell you this game is sure as hell not worth 60$, yes of course everyone has opinions and ill leave you to them but the game is cut in half entirely with a very dull story, very little mission variety, and DLC that was planned long before it's release. If you really want it, buy the legendary edition for 60$ that is actually worth 60$. Thank you for reading

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