This week on DF Retro, John takes a look back one of the greatest PC games of all time – Deus Ex. Then we jump over and examine its port on PlayStation 2 – a …


  1. Maybe I am missing something but how can a game like gta san andreas have these huge open world areas with a lot of stuff going on but this game has to break the areas into separate chunks in order to run on the system? The graphics of this game arent that good either compared to san andreas or some other open world games on the ps2…

  2. Brilliant video!
    Deus Ex has been my favourite all time game since its release in 2000. I picked it up day of release for PC and have completed it SO many times I know the game inside out, it's like an old friend. I never had a PS2 so never played that version so this was really interesting to see. It looks like the Ps2 version also had alternate animations for enemy deaths; I saw one NSF agent in the video fall to his knees and crumple when dying rather than just go still and fall like on PC. I'm gonna have to hunt down that PS2 intro though, it looks really cool.

    I replayed the game earlier this year actually with the Revisited mod and I have to say I really enjoyed it. Having gone through the game so many times I found the new additions to the game maps really fun and I really enjoyed the graphical improvements too.

  3. ah yes, the times where you had actual pc titles that did things a console couldn't. now we only get stuff that you can also have on a console, which is way less and way shittier. thanks for that console!

  4. The PlayStation 2 version plays like ass I first played on PC then got it later on PS2 and felt like I was ripped off, also the PS2 has a horrid digital to analog converter for the display out so everything has a stupid haze over it making any games look like ass when played on a NON CRT

  5. You forgot to mention taht you can use a USB keyboard and mouse with the PS2 Deus Ex Port, there are just weird controls and no key rebinding. Also, would it have killed you to maybe just do a few more takes instead of just trying to read it verbatim in one shot?

  6. One thing I didn't like about the PS2 port, was the slight change in dialogue in the intro. He says "let the bodies pile up in the streets" instead of "Schools and churches" which kind of makes the intro characters sound less evil.

  7. PLEASE PLEASE do a retro episode on the Wing Commander series! One of the greatest PC games from the 90's and a huge groundbreaker in 3d graphics.

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