We’re just under a week away from E3, and we figured now would be better than ever to discuss what we’d like to see going into the trade show. Last year we …


  1. got NBA2K16 as a freebie through ps+ and it has a lot going for it but damn it's slow paced, especially the cut scenes and loading times.. they need to strip some crap out of that game if I'm ever going to buy it.

  2. Destiny do better on Spetember 20th for its RoI DLC than 2k will do with a new game. Sports gdmes are just like the phone market, new year, same game, few changes.

  3. please ask them about whether or not there's a plan to continue the NCAA franchise ( even if the news is mainly about negotiating a new license )

  4. Would love to see a new tennis, NCAA football or basketball, all pro 2k football… 2007 & 2009 was the last time consumers got a full onslaught of sports titles from every major sport.

  5. PES vs FIFA! Let the battle begin!
    Also hoping for 2k returning to football like every year lol I'm not looking at Madden until it's on Frostbite…and steps up the gameplay to where MLB, 2k, and PES are at.

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