Enforcer: Police Crime Action Gameplay (PC HD) [1080p] Steam Page – http://store.steampowered.com/app/318220/ Steam Hub …


  1. lets see,you run like 5 red lights with no siren on,almost hit another motorists HEAD ON,drive all over the road in a crown victoria,that handles like a pregnant yak, endangering the lives of everyone around you,including yourself all to HURRY to write TWO parking tickets.

  2. The game is very shallow and i don,t belive that i bought it. nice idea but needs completely overhaul i feel like the team own people that bought it that at least.

  3. this is just too painful to watch… its a great try, but so many issues… the audio/sound fx is got a lot of problems… what the heck is the the menu system!? you have to access a menu just to get in the damn car!? that's just dumb… the way the character moves is too sudden and jumpy….needs to be smoother animation…background characters all moving in unison??! wtf?

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