Sup fam! My name’s Stix and today I wanna throw at you some juicy news regarding TERA. En Masse Entertainment has recently revealed that they have plans …


  1. But Tera is also free to play not like those other games like Dc Universe where you have to pay for membership to have the full game "how is it free to play" even to have some inventory slots or to at least get gears you have to be premium.

  2. do you have to pay for online access though? i want to but ps4 for the games and tera but… if what ive been hearing is true then mate im not spending £50 a year for it i would rather just buy a cheap gaming computer that runs tera smooth enough to play and be done. i want to get into final fantasy buuut hey whatever if they dont let you play online with a wi-fi connection already

  3. as i read they are looking for new staff to hire i expected and hoped for a console port. i think it would play great on pa4, im really looking forward to it

  4. Eu com certeza jogarei no meu ps4, já que mmorpg é um dos melhores gêneros (se não o melhor) e marvel heroes omega também vem aí esse ano, então se você gosta de mmorpg e tem play4 não tem o que reclamar.

  5. TERA EU Founder here (you can tell from my picture and shitty DeviantArt i guess), keep in mind that even though TERA still has the fun action combat mechanics and anime looking graphics… you won't have the same experience we founders had back in 2012 – 2014 due to the performance mess and the recycling of contents (and the gender-locked classes… i hated that), but still I totally recommend you to try and see if you'd like TERA or not but keep your expectations minimized and enjoy the action combat as much as you can- Arnn the berserk warrior of TERA EU will be on PS4 Pro for at least a week to see if anything is different or not.

  6. I have been saying for years i want to play tera on a console. I hope its sooner then later.

    For the love of god please make this cross platform. Starting over in another mmo is just not going to happen for me. I will stay on the pc if it is not a cross platform release.

  7. Is tera still worth to play? For a beginner because i wanted to play it before then i got a bunch of like " oh its so boring now, oh its so hard to level up, oh its not for casual players" which just turned me off the game i really want to know if its still worth playing

  8. I'm still in love with Tera no matter how much time passes. The higher dungeons became so challenging that I've found myself easily entertained for hours. It's even fun to go back through and try to solo or duo the dungeons on lower levels. I'm looking forward to the new class though that comes out the 4th of next month :).

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