More Like Poopy’s Bland Depressor! Colin Checks Out the First Hour of Snoopy’s Grand Adventure on the PlayStation 4!


  1. i am well aware this is over a year ago now but ….really guy and how old are you ? my great nephews ages 2yrs to 4 yrs old understand this game better …smdh

  2. wth we can't find another costume! where or how do we get them. my daughter has gone through the levels and collected jelly beans and beagle scouts. it's driving us crazy.

  3. this is disappointing because i'm a sucker for the Peanuts franchise. It has the material for a great game. This game looks awfully boring and looks close to early xbox 360 graphics. It's a shame it looks so bad. There was an Xbox 360 Peanuts game, Snoopy's Flying Ace and PS2 Snoopy Vs Red Baron. those were great games you should try out one day.

  4. I am having more fun watching him play, with his "Adult" comments to this simple game… I watched it just to watch the guy…. lol that was more interesting than the game

  5. When you said you were going to do a first hour of this game on your podcast I thought you were joking. Movie licensed games bank on the success of the movie, not how well they have made their game. Hopefully your suffering through the first hour of this piece of crap will save others from this abomination.

  6. Oh that was terrible to watch haha. I can't believe they are charging full price for this. As soon as you saw this game in Activision's hands, you knew it wasn't going to be great.

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