Here are the best Action RPG games ARPG that are also similar to Diablo, this list of action ARPG’s contain the best list of Action Role-playing games the play …


  1. Titan Quest is definitely my favorite here. The drawback is the limited choice of face. But the realm design and how they reimagined the Ancient Wonders particularly the Hanging Gardens of Babylon was just epic.

  2. little confused by the use of torchlight mobile trailer footage for the torchlight entry. mobile is not out or being produced by runic. plus the whole thing looks sketchy.

  3. D2 Playtime something 'bout 2-3 years.
    D3 Playtime something 'bout 1-2 months.

    But looking forward to Lost Ark, to finally get what i am searching for.

  4. Path of Exile ain't near Diablo 2, jesus. PoE sucks compared to it! PoE graphics is also one of the worst up to date! The only worthy RPG hack n' slash is Wolcen!

  5. Diablo 3 an action rpg ? Diablo 1, alright then, Diablo 2, not sure, Diablo 3, hell no. Most of these games aren't RPG's at all, they're hack and slash games. Yes, I see a difference.
    All the Diablo games are hack and clash games and some have some RPG stuff to them, which in Diablo 3 is basically none existent.

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