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  1. man i didnt know there were deals like that in florida closes thing to a deal i got was an OG Xbox for 30 bucks but after seeing that ps1 for 4 bucks makes me feel like im wasting my monies lol

  2. Didn't think I was this far behind on your videos. And man, PS1 RPG finds? How did I not see this one sooner? :O 2:20 You leave a PS1 alone long enough, apparently it starts multiplying. 😛 3:06 Ahh, the Mr Men Show, I remember watching that way back when. 5:13 Smaller YouTube channels to watch? I hear that RPGtourguide has a good channel. 😛 Hahaha. Retro Rangers have a good channel (gameretrorangers is the username). CryingManStudios is another good one. 9:20 Nice deal on those Wii U games. 11:00 Lunar Legend, nice. Not as good as the PS1 version of the game, but nice for a handheld. And Golden Sun, awesome. Oooo, those PS1 RPG's! 😀 Awesome stuff! I keep flipping back and forth between the SNES and PS1 as my favorite system. Such great games on both. Great pickups as always! 🙂

  3. Another good video. And as far as the Gamestops taking in retro stuff that is not the case in all areas. Here in Pensacola NO Gamestop will accept anything other than the normal. The oldest console they accept trades for is the PS3/360.  I was told that it the stores are owned by Franchisee's, and they decide whether or not they want to participate in promotions and stuff of the like.  And the same man owns all the ones in Pensacola and is not taking part in that program. Which stinks, because here lately I have been coming across alot of PS1 and PS2 systems and games. But since Gamestop wont trade them in, and that is where I do my game shopping at, there is no point in me picking them up really as I am not a seller. I just like to trade because my finances are meager, and the stuff I find is less than what I would get for credit. I do have a mom and pop game shop but they are horrible on trade credit and their prices are outrageous.  I think leaving it up to the Franchisee is bogus. Anyways great video.
     As far as your ? of the week, I dont really know any small channels. Some of my favorites are NGTZombies, NGTLive, YouAlwaysWin and MeatWagon22, but those are bigger channels with at least 500000 subs.   I am actually hoping to find some smaller channels through your question. I will be looking at the comments. As always keep on kickin ass!!!

  4. Does mentioning my own channel count? 😛 Nah, the only "smaller" channel that I'm currently watching about game hunting is BeatEmUps/The Game Quest, but you already know those guys 😛

    Awesome PS1 RPG finds, though! 😀

  5. My favorite channel is bithead1000. Are the GameStop trade in values the same for all regions? Ps1 systems were trading in for $19 a few weeks ago. I traded mine in at $25.

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