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  1. am I the only one who's not that excited for this,the last of us 2 and Spider-Man I'm looking forward to but this eh, not really feeling another 'story based' game kind along with these, I would rather they made this game without the story side of things and just made a great video game based on gameplay %90 like the old days
    much rather bloodborne 2 if I'm being honest

  2. They're finally making kratos look white…. and not so damn African Egyptian 😂. For a minute there I was beginning to be believe that's what they were aiming for.

  3. so, this is either reboot or after the event of gow 3 after endless deicide spree of kratos, he survive and decided to run north settle down with norse gal, and had a little lad, but pretty sure this is continuation story , he look more mature and older, calm, to control his emotion and rage, maybe because he is a father now and reflecting his vile and cruel past , just i hope it's not another patricide circle where his kid atreus maybe, trick by norse god into their service killing kratos, getting angry want to revenge so on so on and ragnarok happen and there you get the idea, i just hope another fresh of story, rather than simple endless revenge story

  4. as someone who is actually interested in Kratos and his story, I'm hell of a lot excited for this game. Seeing Kratos start a new life, trying to leave his painfull past behind, certainly intriging and I love that the boy will be a huge part of the story and not just another child to get killed of to make kratos mad, this just would be lazy…

    also surprised that some people still cannot believe that this is kratos, like it's not such a confussing concept, not to mention how many times he allready escaped death in the old games. Being death is for him just a regular tuesday. XD

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