Available October 17, 2017 The GT Sport mode is the future of online racing, proposed by the …


  1. TBH, this game is amazing and I love playing it, but project cars 2 feels more difficult and challenging. Both are great games let me put it short for you, if you wanna play relaxed and without tension thats GT and if u wanna miss your eye blinking and get them dry thats PC2

  2. I will not buy this game sony without a single player mode and forcing people to have membership in play station network, I think I will sell play 4 and buy the xbox one x. I think that the new policies of the companies, like this one, are doing bad to the industry of the video games.

  3. To all the GTS haters, tell me another racing/sim game that is FIA sanctioned and a game that pro drivers use to train and compete. What other game has taken gamers and made them real racers. I'll wait.

  4. Anyone remember the vetel redbull concept car in GT5 or GT6. Can't remember what one it was but that thing was nuts.

    Found it. This crazy machine, Red Bull x 2010

  5. I never got into driving sim games at all, but I do remember having such a hard time playing the Gran Turismo demo from the PS1 Underground Demo game. I always bumped into the sides and had spun out. But I had fun.

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