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  1. hello/I am in the san Antonio police department rolaplay group if you want to join I de rp in xboxone x if want to join dm me my gametag is juant456

  2. We are a xbox one community full of experienced members and a greatly layed out discord server we have
    Within BCSO and police you can apply for
    SWAT and air one pilot
    Civilians can live a normal life working at the chain of 24/7s,work as an Uber driver or *live a life of crime ,kidnapping ,speeding,stealing,drug deal
    *within this roleplay we use modded captures this means we have crown vic police cars/marked buffalos/lifeguard truck/park ranger truck join with this link
    If joining please respect our staff because they staff in this community try there hardest to make things work.
    🎁🎁We also offer weekly giveaways for all members
    From SSPD Staff team
    If you need to contact us please join the link and @ a member of staff or DM the owner [29]

  3. If anyone is looking for a Realistic professional Life RP group for Xbox one and wants to make a difference Add me on Xbox my gt is: TokyoBuddha We have different Police Divisions, Sheriffs department, Fire and Rescue, and Civilian careers. Must have discord! 🙂

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