We finally have price and launch information for PlayStation VR–$400 and coming out this October. But what does that get you? At the announcement event, …


  1. "Many of our customers have the PS Camera".
    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I'm sure some do. Nobody I've ever met has one. Looks like I'll need to hunt them down, or wait for them to have a package that has them included with the motion controllers.

  2. i want this but definitely worried about the hardware limitations of the ps4, that is no where near powerful enough for a vr system…curious to see the graphical quality compared to the oculus

  3. The only reason I'm buying it is so I can play my games while lying down on my bed. I mean imagine if your about to sleep and just game a littleĀ till you fall asleep.

  4. I don't know it's kind of pointless reason why would you use VR so it more convenient not to worry about the damn TV now to me it's really pointless

  5. i want this so bad but theres no way i can get it cus im 15 and my parents will never spen 400 on a headset lol guess ill have to wait till im old enough for a job

  6. Until I'm able to play Call of Duty and Final Fantasy on this headset I'm just not impressed and will NOT be purchasing UNTIL such experiences are available to us…

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