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  1. Hey maybe somebody can help me here. When I was you I remember playing a star wars game you was standing infront of a hole with a lasersword and had to jump down there. It was a big drop into something like a Hangar. Down there were many stormtroopers that you had to fight. I really don't know which star wars game it was or what level it was. Maybe someone knows it and can help me.

  2. And sadly the worst game by far is the best looking one. There is a huge jump forward in terms of graphics but unfortunately there seems to be an equally big one backwards in terms of gameplay.

  3. Oh man i remember coming to my freind everyday so that we could play star wars battlefront 2 (the old one) because only had a Wii wich you could play battlefront on i had so many good times while playing that game

  4. Still amazes me how the OG SWBF and SWBF2 were more like battlefield (big maps, with all kinds of vehicles and classes to play) than the EA SWBF games which are made by the makers of battlefield.

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