Get an playstion one emulater on your android devices All links used in rhe video below. Application: Bios: …


  1. hey i have a question im using the touchpad and im trying to make the L stick functional to no matter what game i play but since it doesn't im just forced to play the game in digtial in a dualshock gamepad im playing afraid gear another on this epsxe on android.

  2. hey… sir can you plz download 1 game for me god hand is the name off the game… i have oppo f1 plus device plz sir i request you download for mee… +917622080410 my watsupp number

  3. When i Download the game and I click on it, it says I need to install an app on my laptop so that i can open the file. Which app do you use ? or what else can i do ? Please help, thanks

  4. Okay so I'm stumped, I downloaded the Zip file directly from my phone but I cannot extract it to a Bin file that the app recognizes. Can someone walk me through this?

  5. hi, everything worked so far except for the roms. every time I download a Rom it doesn't appear as a zipped file, just a paper and it can't be open by a rar opening software.

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