Paul walks us through downloading Onigiri from the Japanese Xbox One Store and then creating a character. Full guide: …


  1. Anyone know why i cant play the game? I always get the error_01020 or something, it says i couldn't connect to the servers and that i should check my connection to the Internet, i was able to play it once back when it came out but since then i havent been able to play it.

  2. Will this work if I Download it first then pause the download and THEN do the Japanese switch and wait for the download to finish?

    Please respond ( if you don't understand what I'm trying to say I can break it down for you in the replys )

  3. would have liked to see more gameplay, is that because you can't? I'm not sure why this company is avoiding me, I have commented to the forums twice and it has gotten removed, one simple question. how the hell do you go through the portal things? I did the tutorial and what not talk to everyone in the "main hub" as you called it and that's it, game over that is all I can do because their directions below just as bad as these. no one has simple instructions like, walk to cloudy mist, hit "this button". nooo just R trigger attacks left stcik moves, good luck! wow. anyone? anyone at all?

  4. About the english version, I'm still trying to look into it. Onigiri's english is available for download after you download the Japanese version. There is some good news tho as of 8/13/2015 Instead of just saying error : It says server maintenance. But I'll keep everyone updated daily.

  5. Is it easy to find other players?  Just wondering, since the Xbox One is not very popular in Japan.

    Also, do you know whether it's possible to buy games from the Japanese Xbox One store if I live outside Japan?  (This game was free, but some of them have a Yen price in the description).

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