In this how to, I run through setting up a PS1 emulator on PC so you can play all your favorite games! Check out my playlist where I put the emulator in this video …


  1. What? The emu has a "cdimages" folder why would you make another? Also, for my system .iso works the best but is not seen on download sites. I've done my own rips, had a friend dump the bios from my old ps1 ( works fine) so you think I should be fine with that (no ip issues)? Just asking b4 I start posting Oh, b4 I forget, any clue on how to get it to go non-windowed fullscreen?

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  3. Got my bin and cue file, they loaded fine and Spyro starts up but once it gets to the Spyro main menu the title and option to "start" never show up. It's just a loop of the menu animation while it waits for me press something. I tried configuring my keyboard but it still doesn't work.
    Anyone else had this problem?

  4. Help me out man, I am doing everything as explained in the video, I have windows 10, but it says that there is a certain plugin that is missing and that it cannot do it without this plugin, tried to open it under internet explorer, but it is not working, please help.

  5. i already did what you said it asked me about the d3dx9 and then i installed it, but after trying to open the px it says it couldn't install properly it says error 0xc000007b. help!

  6. It failed to read the .cue file……
    now It wont load the game and I used a cue file, as well as the rom being digimon world pls help

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