This is a little strategy i have came up with on FORTNITE Battle Royale on how to win nearly almost every time. This is some gameplay of how to win but I may …


  1. U know how I’m supposed to play safe? Umm well I think I played too safe because I got no kills for my first solo win and also I did 0 damage to anyone they all killed themselves lol I just hid the whole time

  2. My wife played for the first time and got a solo win because the guy fell off his structure. She camped all game. I've had many occasions where we've won because of the storm, or players falling from their structures.

  3. Me and my friends first duo win.. we were under stairs at pleasant park.. one person left.. we had low health and he knew where we were… then he threw grenades at us and the all bounced back at him and I died 😂 it was quite funny

  4. Do you console players scan through your inventory or are you able to bind buttons for the slots? If you're forced to scan through your inventory no wonder you're at such a disadvantage cross platform against pc.

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