Let’s play Monster Hunter: World! Because there’s no better way to start your week than …


  1. Hello you all . So I'm new to ps4 sitem. I love gaming but I can't always play becacauce I can't play do to money. But with the ps4 has gliches or cheatcodes so if you are broke like me you can get the game free. So here is my qestne" how can I play the disc without being in my system

  2. Playstation underground and playstation….though the cat character in clothes and beetle armour and cat lady bug though not blue colored is neat and graphics resolutions and sound quality excelent….i do not feel like committing to ps4 monster hunting games & because i'm not much of a monster hunter. Pray that you never get turned into the monsters and dragons you hunt. Pray and beg heavenly creator to protect you from being turned into the monsters and dragons you hunt & pray that and ask that you never be allowed nor permitted and be prevented from hunting the monsters and dragons to kill that you never wanted to exist as for real literally! What? Did you forget the scizophrenic time periods when magick Quantum chaotic shapeshifting & time shifting use to exist?

  3. Playstation escribo en spanich quiero decirle algo, que te apuesto que sacaras una nueva ps vita por la envidia o estas perdiendo por la nintendo switch, y cuando muestres la nueva ps vita las dejara muerta en ese mismo año!!!
    Sony tambien!!!

  4. And I thought Phantom Pain lacked content…You’re doing the same thing repeatedly with the same boring gameplay. Sure you can switch up your weapons but there’s no special mechanisms. We need a LARGE DLC pack fast.

  5. Playstation can you please unbanned me please I am sorry if I violated your terms and services and user agreement. Online ID is my YouTube account name on this comment. Thank you

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