Full Guide on How To Aim in any PC game! (+ CSGO Gun Control Guide!) REALLY USEFUL STUFF! ▽ MOUSE TWEAKS ▽ Mouse Sensitivity is determined by …


  1. Lol I play planetside 2 at 4000 DPI. Get some insane reaction times… Turn on someone who comes up from behind you and kill em before they realize you know they're there. Inconsistent at some times though. I have about 20-25 percent accuracy with the full auto weapons, 35 percent with the semi auto pistols and such.

  2. So, mostly FPS I am playing right now is Rainbow Six siege. Sadly R6:S doesnt have some sort of shooting range of sorts to experiment with my sensitivity. Do you think doing this practices in CS:GO, finding my favorite sensitivity (mostly following : 7:20) and the transfering that sensitivity into rainbow can help me with that?.

  3. Get a mouse where you can switch dpi settings on the fly and program a button to switch between a low and high setting so you can have precision without sacrificing your ability to turn and cover screen space quickly.

  4. My aim is not too bad but i cant quite hit Corners by one single shot… nearly everytime i have to shoot another one. Thats what makes me sad because i cant improve 🙁

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