Driveclub Receives Server Update; No ETA for PS Plus Edition; Weather Date Coming After Problems are Solved: …


  1. Anyone reads my comment PLEASE answer?
    Is Driveclub cool? Is it a good racing game? It's been fixed already, I mean, It's fucking May 2015… lel but yeah.
    Yall recommend that shit or nah?? Free version is NOWHERE to be seen… Sony or whatever totally lied about that… And there's also no demo?! so.. yeah is it cool?

  2. I've bought drive club twice and it still freezes upon starting. I've done update 1.10. I go to the Australian support centre only to discover that PS3 is the only choice in the sub menu not to mention live chat is only available during business hours like they can't afford a better service. I'm dying to play this game. Why tormentest thou me b4 the time?

  3. I understand about the server issues but you shouldnt reduce the games scores because the servers. Even gta 5 online had server issues but people didnt reduce game scores so they shouldnt do it for driveclub

  4. If it was not a problem developing 5 motorstorms (MS 1, MS PR, MS A, MS AE, MS RC) then why is it so hard to develop a social racing game like drive club? And why the hell downgrade from the intensity of motorstorm to drive club? They should have made like a racing in space type motorstorm for PS4! Oh and if not, then evolution better start working on a new WIPE OUT, the one with the ships for PS4.

  5. just bought driveclub, I sort of feel like I haven't got a ps4 yet, im still waiting for something to happen, I didn't believe the hype and all the next gen talk, it takes a while for programmers to realise the potential but ffs don't make me pay good money for a game that doesn't work.

  6. I think my biggest gaming disappointment this year is indeed Driveclub.. It wasn't long before launch when i actually discovered(and that's only because i did some digging to find out)that the game wasn't an open world game with traffic like Forza Horizon is, especially as everyone seemed to be comparing the two games wherever you looked. I concede that there is a degree of ignorance and assumption on my part, but Sony/Evolution Studios didn't exactly describe the game particularly well or clarify this either, and the game certainly gives the impression its an open world game, if anything.

    Then there was the delays, which i'm fine with and am a great believer in releasing a game 'when its ready' and not before, but after two or three delays, the game STILL wasn't finished?! With broken servers, glitchy impact physics, braindead AI, and the much vaunted weather system not even in the release version of the game, so those who are not online wont have variable weather in the game, marvellous!.. Clearly the game still wasn't finished.. Like the video poster said, they should have had the balls to delay it again, finish the game, prepare the servers and release it after the crowded Xmas rush, but i guess that makes too much sense.. :/

    Then we had the lukewarm/mixed reviews and the debacle of the disappearance of the long promised PS+ version, delayed for an undisclosed amount of time! Again, MARVELLOUS….

    Whike i believe there ARE server problems(still inexcusable in itself mind), i believe Sony was more than happy to withhold the PS+ version after the lukewarm reviews and i'm sure didn't take much convincing to delay the PS+ version for an undisclosed period of time, in the hopes that people wouldn't be able to wait and buy the game regardless fuelled on impulse and impatience. While that is probaly the case for some people, it doesn't seemed to have worked out for them that way has it, as i personally haven't seen a single(literal)person on my friends list playing the game yet, people are rightly holding on for the PS+ version regardless, to see if they actually like the game first after the mixed reviews, which i think is wise, which makes me realise why developers seem adverse to doing demo's nowadays, though i have to say some demo's really got me salivating for the full game, and if the game is decent and the demo's done right, can really build anticipation for a game.

    On the flip side of Driveclub, The game i was most pleasantly surprised me and far exeeded my expectations, is Middle Earth-Shadow of Mordor. I mean it looked good and interesting from the pre-release footage, but regardless, wasn't on my immediate radar. Ironically, i diverted money earmarked for Driveclub and gave SOH a shot, and man, am i glad i did! What an absolute corker of a game?! A true masterclass in how to make a great and not to mention polished game! The stealth is enjoyable and satisfying, the combat sublime, the unlockable skills fun and rewarding and the nemesis system is absolute genius! which i can see catching on in other games its that good. The game has had me gripped since i started playing it. Its utterly compelling and a good long length too in a good way, i spent ages just doing the side missions and inteferring with the Uruk heirachy which is fun due to the brilliant and addictive gameplay. I seriously can't praise the game enough and recommend it highly. Damn, i hope they make more games in the Middle Earth series if this one is anything to go by..

  7. It's this a recent trend? Has the Ponzi scheme economy hit the gaming industry? Lots of games that receive alllll the hype but barely work when they come out.

  8. It's ok.  The "experience" of driveclub looks impressive.  All the online stuff is irrelevant to me.  I suspect this is an awesome single player game with a very open world.  I noticed people were just driving around the tracks available and that was enjoyable in and of itself.  
    An ambitious project on a new console should be imperfect.  I think Driveclub is a very mature and beautiful work of art.  
    In fact; so much so – that I shall be receiving the game and white console bundle tomorrow morning.  Along with Killzone. yeeha.!

  9. And Sony's attempts to fix the game have affected the ps plus service across other games. Anybody try playing Destiny this weekend? Took me ages to get my membership recognised by the servers. As an Xbox 360 owner I used to be slightly amused by the stories about poor PSN experiences. I always told my PS3 owning mates that you get what you pay for but now the service is paid for by almost everyone this sort of fuck up is unacceptable. Sony may think they have the lion's share of the console market right now but I've got a feeling a certain Master Chief might have something to say about that next month.

  10. I payed full wack feel ripped off washed out dull misty graphics on every track even india no online still as yet no weather cycle etc etc etc ive played demo of fh2 and much better so as i have both consoles selling driveclub on ebay and getting forza.

  11. Driveclub is really a big fucking disapointment. People that have already played the game are saying that the driving sucks and the whole game feels archaic… which is a bit worrying in a racing game .

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